What will I do as a demonstrator?

You will share your love of paper crafting, creating cards, gifts or scrapbook pages with family and friends and new customer friends. You can do this by running in home parties, classes, events or even on a 1 on 1 basis. If you choose to, you will also help others enjoy the fun and flexibility of running their own Stampin’ Up! business.  Everyone who joins is called a demonstrator, even if they don’t demonstrate! It is absolutely fine for you to be your best customer !!!!!

Will I receive support and training as a demonstrator?

By joining you will become part of my team , and I’ll provide you with all the help and support you need — but I will never push or pressure you to do more than you wish to. Whether your goals are to just support your stamping habit or you want to build a successful business, I am here to help.  I will be here for you at all times – all you have to do is call or email me!
I run monthly evening and quarterly all day meetings for my team they always have stamping at it’s core but will also be focused on business topics and skills, so whether you are a demonstrator who has joined to just get your discount or intending on building a business there will be something to interest you at these meetings.
On top of that, Stampin’ Up! provides the following:
  • A password protected demonstrator website which has lots of resources, pattern and template libraries and online ordering.
  • A full colour quarterly magazine called Stampin’ Success with creative and business ideas just for demonstrators.
  • A free phone number to contact the knowledgeable and friendly Demonstrator Support team.
  • An achievable incentive program for income and awards if you choose to aspire to them.

How will I make money as a demonstrator?

Since customers pay you directly, you will keep 20% of each order placed at the time of payment, this is called instant income. You can earn additional money through volume rebates when your sales grow and if you build a team, you can also earn monthly downline overrides as well.

Do people really make money at this?

YES!! Depending on how much time you want to put into “your” business, you can make whatever income you desire! It is totally up to you!  I have a very successful business, it is my full-time job, and the best job I have ever had!

Do I have to recruit other demonstrators?

Of course not!! Having a team is not a requirement, it is a perk and we have the opportunity to earn a commission based on our team’s sales ! However it is also a responsibility, you will need to support your team and give them training to help them achieve their goals. My team is of great inspiration to me.

What are the minimum sales requirements?

A manageable quarterly minimum of 300CSV commissionable sales volume every 3 months (£270 at catalogue prices).  Most demonstrators find that this goal can be reached in one or two parties per quarter–or with their own and family and friend purchases.  If you don’t reach your minimums, you are no longer a demonstrator, nothing to pay back and no catches.  Just so you know……..Whenever sales are mentioned in the Compensation Plan, they won’t be shown in local currency. In order to make our compensation plan applicable to all markets, regardless of currency, we use a common measurement: commissionable sales volume or CSV.

What if I only want to do this as a hobby? Do I still have to do parties?

Absolutely not!! Both Stampin’ Up! and I will support all demonstrators in the same way regardless of how big or small their business is you only need to do parties if you want too, but believe me they are great fun and you really would enjoy them ! You can also put in your own orders or collect orders from family & friends.

Do I have to hold stocks of product?

No. You will only order items when someone places an order and pays you in advance, so you won’t need to keep stock of products.

How much does it cost to get started?

The Starter Kit  is £99 for £130 of products and £45 of business supplies or 129 € for 175 € of products and 60€ business supplies if you are joining from The Netherlands, France, Germany or Austria.  
The starter kit is completely customisable, you can choose any products from the current catalogues up to the value of £130 or 175 €.

What if I decide it’s not for me once I’ve started? Will I be penalised if I quit?

You simply stop placing orders. If you don’t meet the minimum quarterly requirement, Stampin’ Up! will just “drop” you—no penalties, no questions asked! Well apart from me…….. I’ll check to make sure you are okay and ask if I can help, but if you’ve decided to finish that’s fine. But I guarantee that once you start you won’t want to stop!!

Where do I get ideas for my workshops?

Stampin’ Up! has many resources for demonstrators, including the Idea Book & Catalogue, a great monthly magazine, a fantastic website for demonstrators only, a DVD in the starter kit, and much more. You will also have my help and support, I run an all day new demonstrator training to help you get started, I offer to run the first workshop for all my new team members. We also share projects, classes and workshop ideas on our team Facebook page.

Are there any Stampin’ Up! events that I can attend as a new demonstrator?

Yes, we have 2 Onstage Stampin’ Up! events, in April and November each year, and of course you have our Team training events too.
I hope I have answered some of your questions. I would love to share more about this amazing opportunity with you. If you have further questions or would like more information, please ask!  Your demonstratorship is as individual as you are.
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